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Working… March 12, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in contest, conventions, e-books, ideas, VIPub, westerns, Wild West, writing.

…the crowd. Last night I led an auction for the Albq SF Society to raise money for the August convention. Upfront expenses are higher than ever and, as is the case for most cons, the at-the-door money provides the bulk of revenue. This makes for a huge mismatch in the cash flow since bills come due long before the con starts.

I enjoy doing the auction but it also provides me a way to showcase some of my newer work. Last night, for instance, in true VIPub fashion, I plugged A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell, to a great reception. And also it gave a f2f chance to remind about 50 people of the autographing April 9 for that anthology. The audience and I had fun, the convention raked in much needed money and I plugged the anthology. This is a win-win-win situation all around.

Previously, I’ve gone over the problems with autographings and how they are seldom worthwhile, at least for conventionally published books. There is a different win-win scenario possible with VIPub. I am furnishing the books to the store, Page One, at a discount greater than they could get through Ingrams but above my cost. This gives me a larger % than if the book were sold through, say, Amazon, and in the case of Page One affords them a break in that the store doesn’t have to put up front $$ to order the book (the store is in Chapter 11 reorganization and $$ is tight). They stand to make a few dollars with no upfront cost and I will make more off every book sold than I could through conventional channels. The downside for me is having to buy the dead tree POD copies, but obviously the more I sell, the better I do. Traditional publishers would never publicize the event. The bookstore will, not only with signs in the store but with press releases and on their website.

And this is also a good thing supporting an independent bookstore.

More later on a different way I am going to try to help publicize the book. But right now I am hereby declaring a contest. Below is (to my thinking) a goofy photograph. Give it your best shot at coming up with a caption. Funny is preferred, but if you can think of something somber, go for it. Contest will run one week (until Mar 19) and the winner will receive a dead tree copy of “Jackson Lowry’s” western SONORA NOOSE.

So give it your best shot!



1. Scott Denning - March 12, 2011

Can’t take credit for this one, but sending it along because it always made me laugh:

Way out along a boonies backroad in New Mexico, I came upon a similar image — a mounded-up grave next to a wire gate, boots sticking up out of the mound, with a sign beside them reading: “Last feller who fergot to close the gate.”

Here is my own, original caption for your image:

“Dang, that bronco can buck!”


Oh, just remembered. Back in the old Tech days when we spent quite a bit of time ‘way down in old mines where we weren’t supposed to be, foolish dangerous fun, we came upon a tableau that someone had taken the trouble to set up for the entertainment of the next blokes down: a big mineralized boulder fallen from the ceiling of the chamber, with (stuffed) shirt sleeves and boots poking out from beneath it as though the boulder had caught someone unawares. It was a black-humorous landmark for our illicit & dangerous explorations. I think we even had a name for the unfortunate flattened feller, but it has evaporated into the mists of brain-time.

bobv451 - March 13, 2011

Maybe his name was Flaco? Shorty? A shortstop who violated the infield fly run?

Thanks for the entry. It is duly entered in the (growing) list of captions.

2. Siobhan Muir - March 13, 2011

“Like a bat outta Hell, I guess he couldn’t stop once he got goin’.”

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