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Web and Net March 11, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in Chain story, ideas, VIPub, Wild West, writing.

VIPub gives the author a lot of ways to spread the word, to get eyeballs on posted work, to enlist new readers. Mike Stackpole and Jeff Mariotte came up with the idea of the chain story to showcase writers’ work. The idea is simple enough. Post a free story set in a mythical adventurer’s club, then link it fore and aft with other stories with a simple connection. This has generated a lot of interest and the chain is more than 20 links long now. (See my entry here.)

I suspect I will do more stories with these characters, but if I don’t the story is still out there poking and prodding people to come take a look if they have read other links in the chain.

But chains are only one way of marketing. Net is another. Cast wide and pull in a lot of interest. Viral marketing is an example.

But these are not new. Consider an Old West town with a telegraph line coming in. A message clicks and the telegrapher decodes it (the linear chain brings in sequential information). Then he tells everyone he can and they tell their neighbors–the single message has gone viral. A network. Which is better? Obviously one depends on the other, but for the purpose of VIPub we need to look at the chain first.

We are the linear input. Finding ways of making that single datum, that one story, go viral is a matter of lots of work, connections and readers’ interest.

Pebbles in the pond, a review on Amazon or B&N, twitter, FB, each is the starting point–the first link of the chain. And through each is generated an ever-expanding (we hope) network of interest.

Word of mouth has changed in the digital age. Or you can draw a parallel between secutor vs retiarus. Do you lunge linear or cast wide? Ans: both.

broadcast it!



1. Cap'n Bob - March 13, 2011

I know Tex was proud that he died with his boots on, but this is too much.

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