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Snap! March 8, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in contest, e-books, inventions, iPad, science, VIPub, web & computers, Wild West, writing.


This link was posted on Westernfictioneers newsgroup the other day and has some fabulous photos of the old west. Capturing photos is an excellent way of transcending the ability to read. You might not be able to decipher a caption but you know what is there. If you were physically present, this can jog the memory and is certainly a major additional repository for history as it was if you can read.

For a while photo techniques were awkward, as in the days of the pictures shown on the Denver Post blog. I wrote a story about this way back when and have been interested in a passing way ever since.

My dad was a decent amateur photography and had some (for then) state of the art equipment. He got my mother a Polaroid camera and I got her a digital a couple years ago when buying film became almost impossible (alas, she has stopped taking pictures. Even the simple–Polaroid– camera was too much for her.)

While signing at the Az Ren Faire, I noted a curious thing. Stupidly not having a card with contact info to hand out, I watched 3 different potential patrons use 3 different techniques to record the info. The first sent himself a voice mail. The second texted. And the third, a young fellow, used his smartphone to photograph a book cover. This has prompted me to try an experiment. I’ll send a free copy of any of my ebooks you’d like to the first one who can tell me where this links. Use your iPhone or Android, find a barcode reading app (the code was generated using the QR Code app off my iPad, which alas, lacks a camera since it’s not an iPad2) and click and link. Welcome to the 21st century!

Tell me where this links



1. Shannon Hale - March 8, 2011

Since I got the droid phone and a barcode scanner app, I’ve been scanning all kinds of things. I had the app on the blackberry and never used it. Not sure why the difference, but things seem to be more fun on the Droid.

bobv451 - March 8, 2011

Could you follow the link? Enquiring minds want to know (and experimenting authors, too!)

2. Shannon Hale - March 8, 2011

I could follow the link and I do know where it goes… I wanted to give someone else a chance because I get email notifications, and I’m on my email all day. I guess I felt like I was cheating by answering so fast. haha.

But hey, it’s been a few hours, so I’ll let you know it goes to Cheese-Magnet.


bobv451 - March 8, 2011

Bingo! You even beat Scott. Now for some info.

3. Zia - March 9, 2011

Cheese-Magnet, via NeoReader app on iPhone

Can’t tell if it’s a blog or a twitter feed, tho.

4. Zia - March 9, 2011

I ❤ QR codes!

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