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Sparky’s Pink Pig March 1, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in charity, conventions, fantasy, New Mexico, science fiction, Star Trek, writing.

…and other sights along the road to Phoenix. Yes, the big fight in Hatch, NM isn’t over “red or green” (as in chile). It’s over whacking big plastic animals. This one is at the center of the fight for some reason. I missed two others, one a glowering giant holding a semi in its hands and a plastic hotdog as big as an urban assault vehicle but hiked up 20ft in the air.

Anything to keep the trip to the Arizona Renaissance Faire exciting, since it went through a lot of flat land with “zero visibility during dust storm” signs.

The Ren Faire itself was spent sitting and signing. Not as many books as I might have liked, more than I expected since neither Mike Stackpole nor I were in costume. Mike pointed out we might have attracted more attention since we *weren’t* in costume. Anything to not blend in, right? But next year (March 10–mark it on your calendar now) will be once more in costume.

Big sellers for me this year were God of War and the chapbook with the story “A Time for Steel” set at the Ren Faire. Met lots of enthusiastic people and the weather cooperated wonderfully (especially nice since I had gone the southern route past Sparky’s Pink Pig to avoid snow in Flagstaff).

Lynn Hardy autographed at the next table over. One of her novels was donated to charity (picture of her and her assistant Alicia with, sorry for my poor photography, washed out placard detailing the charity).

After the signing, had “tea” with Don Juan, who was celebrating a birthday, Miguel and a passel of others from the faire. Most delightful was Sarah Mullen Rua, a harpist, with marvelous stories of UC Berkeley as well as sf and comics trivia. Ronn of the Tortuga Twins who is a devoted TOS fan, and his wife is a fan of Erin Gray.

And, much to my surprise, 30 yr old tequila doesn’t taste bad at all (I think most tequila tastes like lighter fluid). Thanks for sharing, Don Juan and Miguel.

More on the trip later. Mike and I spent a great deal of time brainstorming, barnstorming and bs’ing. Some of the chunks blown from that will show up here, I am certain.



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