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The Revolution Has Happened February 9, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, inventions, iPad, iPhone, science, VIPub, writing.

Smartphones are outselling PCs now.

Hardware is pushing the ebook revolution and the monumental changes in the publishing industry. Mike Stackpole has said that print publishing will become unprofitable next year. I think it will happen this year–because of the hardware strides. Ipads and other tablets are proliferating–and yes, I still love my iPaddy. This provides incredible computing power in your hand, and it is mobile. Go anywhere. And when you do, you can read anywhere from a library rivaling anything you might have lining your walls gathering dust.

Part of this transformation to digital books comes at a cost. Powell Books is the premier independent bookseller in the country and they just announced a 7% cutback in staff. And they promise more if business continues to decline for dead tree books. Not good for the people ringing up the sales, but this is increasingly a buggy whip industry. It will never go away but it is going to shrink far more.

Like it, hate it, this is the way the world is going right now. With it, Amazon announced they sold more ebooks than print pbs last month. Their ebook sales had surpassed hc sales last year.

What smartphone is best for you is going to be a matter of preference. Android models outsell iPhones which have passed Blackberries. I still think of these as ways to make a phone call (my poor eyes work overtime to see the teeny screens) but the principle is the same as for the larger, more visible tablets. I love reading on my iPad. I will probably love being able to connect to the same kind of information in a phone (the idea of turning the iPad into a phone is pretty easy if you have Skype, but tucking the iPad into your pocket is a lot harder unless you have biiiig pockets)

Hardware is developing and perhaps accelerating in ingenious applications. Software is racing it. And, as always, content is king.

Here is today’s Dilbert which delightfully brings out a collision of bad with tech. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to you, too.



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