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A Novel Idea February 5, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, fantasy, geocaching, gummint, ideas, iPad, VIPub, weather, westerns, writing.

Generating ideas for a book is easy enough. Just look at the world around and twist it a bit. Or a lot, depending on how twisted you are. The more the better, actually. Finding the time to work on everything I want to do is the big problem. Ideas bubble up constantly, but the demands of VIPub take me away from the actual writing and direct me toward other pursuits.

This time of year is especially bad since the income tax stuff is pouring in. Worst of all, some of it won’t show up until the end of March, leaving little time to bundle it all up and drop it on the accountant’s doorstep. The one time I did my own taxes, I filed the short form and cheated myself. (I found this out years later when I went to an accountant because of increasingly onerous paperwork). Tax simplification will never happen since this is one way the gummint keeps control of us. Not that this is any kind of a new idea. But you can run with it if you want.

I’ve spent the past four days plugging Sonora Noose and Golden Reflections in various venues and now that A Career Guide to Your Job In Hell is live, as they say, my time can be turned to a new western synopsis with all kinds of crazy stuff tossed in.

Letting it churn and bubble while I did other things (including considering myself lucky I didn’t have to venture out in the sub zero weather) was a good thing since tasty lumps have coagulated in the mental stewpot and it feels right to begin writing. There are all kinds of ways to let the ideas flutter about. Hiking is one of them (well, geocaching) but this is an arctic pursuit at the moment and I am a slacker creature of the 21st Century. Standing under the hot shower is a bit of a guilty pleasure I have eschewed until folks north of me get their gas turned back on. But the pleasure of reading for pleasure also works, though in a different way. The other two pursuits let me freewheel the brain. Reading triggers the “they should have done this!” syndrome. On the iPad, I am about finished with the first provocatively titled of Sax Rohmer’s Sumuru books, Nude In Mink, and new ideas slither and flop from about every page. More on the project that came to me as it develops.

I leave you with this little animation making the rounds…



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