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Playing With My Writer’s Blocks February 3, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in death, e-books, New Mexico, VIPub, weather, westerns, Wild West, writing.

I don’t actually get writer’s block as it is usually described. There are always a dozen projects waiting for me and ones which I am eager to do. What happened the past few days is unusual since I am not a pack animal–and the pack is rather isolated.

The temps here in Abq have been the worst since 1971 when it hit -18F. I remember going out to get my car started in -15F and thinking it didn’t feel the least bit cold. For the hell of it, I took off my coat and stood stock still. Warm enough. Then a teeny puff of wind came by and I almost died on the spot. My heat bubble had been burst. This year there’s no chance I will try that since the wind has been blowing a nasty 20-30mph, pushing wind chill down to the -40 (both F and C) range at times. Down in Alamogordo two nights ago it hit -50F.

The town came to a halt 3 days ago from the snow and icy roads. I don’t have to go out and didn’t. But the city was on “vacation” and somehow it seemed that I ought to be, also. Yesterday everything was closed by the lingering snow and intense cold. Ditto on getting work done. And today? Intense cold has closed everything down. But I need to work. I can blame frozen fingers but they aren’t. (I have gloves with the fingers cut out for days like these–call me Ebenezer)

Gas service to Bernalillo (the town) has been cut due to line pressure falling farther north (also in Taos–*that* would be brutal since they get cold there up in the mts). Some power outages around town and it is a standing joke about water lines breaking. Since I was in Ruidoso early in Oct there has been a water main a day break in town. When it is (wow, it’s heated to 7F deg now!) cold like this week the repair work must be nigh on impossible.

Denver has been breaking cold records the past few years and I always wonder about how the old timers in the 1800’s coped. Could be they were tougher or maybe they just froze to death and nobody noticed. Maybe they went the way Baby Doe Tabor did in Leadville.

Not wanting to freeze to death waiting for my Matchless to pay off, I must return to work. (And you can stay warm with….



1. Scott Phillips - February 3, 2011

Yup, no gas here in Bernalillo, so me and the Chihuahua are about to crawl under the electric blanket and watch a movie. Which means a day off from writing.

I have never experienced writer’s block — if anything, I’ve got TOO much junk bubbling out of my brain…

2. Bob Vardeman - February 3, 2011

Good that you have electricity, Netflix and Decker!

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