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Duck, No, Groundhog February 2, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, ideas, sense of wonder, weather, weird news, westerns, Wild West, writing.

One of the sillier traditions, and hence innocuous and fun, unless you belong to PETA, in which case you think Punxsutawney Phil is being exploited, is believing a groundhog can predict the weather. Well, maybe not that silly since the groundhog does a better job than the weather clowns. But Phil poked his snout out this morning, looked around myopically and decided winter will be over in 6 weeks.

Phil alone knows how sick of winter most people are. It is currently 1 degree (F, for the furriners) and is supposed to surge to almost 10F today. With the 40mph gusts, that makes a wind chill of -25F. Tomorrow night it is supposed to get cold. Record breaking if I read it properly. Not much snow but a lot of cold.

Which travels faster, heat or cold? Ans: heat. You can catch cold easily.

More than the weather, Phil also predicted the Steelers would win the Super Bowl. Wonder what the overgrown rat thinks about the lottery?

In this day of instant reality (and Snooki. And the Khardashians. And American Idol) we have pretty much shoved tall tales aside. More’s the pity. At one time we were richer in folklore than a crackhead not finding the exactly right purse to accesorize. Paul Bunyan. Brer Rabbit. Casey Jones. Bigfoot Wallace.

Maybe we’ll replace stories of the Donner Party with those of electric car drivers caught in an urban blizzard and having to eat the floor mats.

Time to go whip up my own western tall tale. Yeehaw.



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