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Mythical Anatomies January 23, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in dinosaurs, movies, sci-fi, science fiction, sense of wonder, Wild West.

Godzilla. Yup, he’s King of the Monsters. I have a sneaking fondness for Gamera, too, since he’s a friend to children. Besides, who else is there who’s a flying telepathic turtle that shoots fire out his ass? They don’t make superheroes like that. Often. But how do these critters spit fire and not incinerate their own guts.

Luckily, there are those with more time on their hands than is healthy who have tackled this weighty problem. Check out these detailed cutaway views of Gamera and others posted at Pink Tentacles.

Godzilla may have originally risen as a cautionary tale about atomic testing, but you really have to stretch disbelief when you shuffle in all the monsters following (including Nick Adams in Monster Zero). Somewhere along the way they became tall tales meant to entertain rather than warn.

We have our own tall tales and one might even say monsters. Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyon have to qualify as just a tad on the monster side of the roster. This is one of the few American creations I can think of with such epic proportions. Most others in the monster vein have been European in origin. And Paul and Babe weren’t monsters in the sense they destroyed Tokyo (even as they saved it from even worse monsters). Most of American tales have been more restrained, at least in size. Think Washington Irving.

Certainly we don’t have anything like this Norwegian monster epic.



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