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UF Wiki-Os January 21, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in death, gummint, New Mexico, science, science fiction, sense of wonder, UFOs, weird news, Wild West, writing.

The ever consuming topic of UFOs crops up again. Over at i09.com they have this posted on whether the Wikileaks contain anything about UFO sightings. It is an interesting topic because I have always wondered about the Freedom of Information Act filings that produced not much of anything. Could it be there’s nothing there? Or is the gummint hiding it?

Considering how easy it was for the Wikileaks to get these memos, I can’t imagine anyone, much less entire generations of bureaucrats, keeping UFOs secret. One of my favorite stories was of a retired general who had a mummified alien hand he kept in a shoebox. He wouldn’t reveal it because he didn’t want to lose his pension. Well, uh, if it were real what he could make running a sideshow attraction would make that pension pale into insignificance. But those are the kinds of stories that get passed around.

In 1897 the Aurora, Texas UFO incident is kinda weird but similar to the Roswell Crash in 1947. The difference is that the Aurora UFOnauts are supposedly buried in the town cemetery. Back then an alien was likely lucky not to be eaten by coyotes (or hungry farmers).

These days everyone has a camera with them, on their cell phone if not elsewhere. The blue dot bouncing around over NYC a month or so back was caught and, as far as I can tell, never explained. It used to be easy to simply dismiss these things as mass hallucinations but the cameras and video are quickly dispelling that excuse. Swamp gas? A blue Venus in the daytime? Remember that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO (which was discounted as Venus)? But then he was also attacked by a rabbit (“That rabbit’s dynamite!”)

If you want the inside scoop on the Roswell UFO sighting, you can’t go wrong with Uncanny Encounters, now on Kindle. Nick Redfern has a great nonfiction historical what-we-really-know background piece on the crash.

Uncanny Encounters: Roswell



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