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So Much To Enjoy January 9, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, iPad, movies & TV, web & computers, westerns.

Sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories is about as close to experiencing the Old West version of tall tales. Today this is one (and a minor one) of entertainment. Back then it was huge. Tales of cowboys getting drunk abound. That hasn’t changed much, I suppose, but what they saw in way of entertainment in saloons and dance halls has.

The idea of a show with a cyclorama is so different from today’s perspective of movies (3D and otherwise) but it was a quick, easy way of changing stage backdrops. Actors and actresses could “travel” from one scene to the next without having a curtain drop for the flats to be moved around (meaning fewer stage hands).

At the Consumer Electronics Show 100 (maybe more) tablets are being presented. In them might be the next step in entertainment–personal cycloramas. A brush of the finger brings up TV or movies or YouTube or anything that is available on the net. No need for a bulky TV set (and who really wants to see the actors’ nose hair on a 70″ HD plasma TV? Nose hair fetishist?–yes, you there in the back. Please leave. Now!)

Think of the tablet/iPad as a campfire where we gather around to warm our hands on electrons rising from the plasma. And what we choose as the cyclorama furnishing that visual excitement. You still have to supply your own booze.

Great times we live in. And we don’t even have to sleep under the stars and get bitten by scorpions. Unless you really want to.

Gettysburg cyclorama (Paul Philippoteaux artist, 1883)



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