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I Can See Forever January 6, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in death, ideas, iPad, pranks, science fiction, sense of wonder, UFOs, weird news, westerns, writing.

Came across this newfangled gadget on Gizmodo that will make bifocals (or progressive) lenses obsolete. I like the idea of using a touch like you might along the edge of an iPad to focus, but I’m not sure how this works if you are, say, driving with both hands on the steering wheel. What if you brush a fly off your forehead and refocus for the end of your nose? The gyroscope they talk about is likely more of the accelerometer in an iPad, so it is almost off the shelf technology.

Good ole Ben Franklin invented bifocals but I have come across very little about opticians or optometrists in the Old West. Not one of those professions you needed much, I suppose, since reading was more often a group effort rather than solitary. Better to see down the street at the gun slick ready to throw down on you (which really didn’t happen much, unless your name was John Wesley Hardin). This might be an interesting story of the Wild West. Have Lens, Will Grind.

Other oddities that are head scratching. The 5000 blackbirds getting their innards homogenized is right up there. I cannot believe anyone seriously suggests fireworks when there is an easier explanation (other than HAARP, of course) Storm got the birds into the air, a lightning bolt sent a shock wave (aka thunder) ripping out and caught them in midair. Instant soup-for-guts. The hundred tons of dead fish can similarly be explained by tornadic winds–how many humans have been killed by unseasonable tornadoes? Five now? The dead birds in Sweden and fish in Argentina, well, this happens all the time but never gets reported. But it is now. Or it might be HAARP

But the master stroke of prankishness has to be the bright green Goldstream River. College nearby? With a good chemistry department? Nontoxic coloring? At UNM it used to be soap suds in the fountain, then somebody discovered Cheer or something blue that did the same thing but also turned the water blue. Better than the piranha in the duck pond since you couldn’t actually see the piranha every time you walked by.

Then there is Edgar Allan Poe’s libidinous Man-bats on the moon

The good old days…

(And don’t forget tomorrow Jan 7 to go to #scifichat at 2-4PM EDT for a twitter chat on starship captains and an hr worth of Q&A)




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