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1.1.11 January 1, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in nostalgia, westerns, writing.

How could I pass up a date like that? After all, there are only 10 kinds of people who could, those that appreciate numbers and those who don’t. (Old math joke, I know, but still amusing since it pares down the crowd pretty fast).

Watched the Rose Parade this morning on HGTV. The commercial networks spend all their time telling me about soap opera stars. HGTV tries to talk about the floats and how they are made, though they are drifting away from this with some truly awful “talent.” Seems the cable shows are buying into the notion that a Brit accent affords an air of expertise. This guy was an Aussie and knew what he was talking about, so good on them, but the bozo down on the street was terrible (some kind of architect or something). They plugged their Dream House in VT a lot, which is a definite shift toward commercialism elbowing aside the parade. Great views from the house and my guess is the $half mil that goes along with winning wouldn’t cover the heating bill over the winter. I think about these things. It is almost 20 deg right now. On its way to 27 for a high.

I am not a horse person but am always interested in the horse units in the parades. The Clydesdales from whatever the foreign beer company that owns them are always regal. Most of the rest of the horses are just horses to me. I couldn’t tell a pure bred Polish Arabian from a an escapee from an Alpo factory. Appaloosas, now, those I can spot.

Buffalo Soldiers have a unit in the parade every year. If you’re not familiar with same, check out this excellent book.

For a fictionalized version.

Into the brave new year!


New Mexico Rose Parade float entry 2008



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