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Talk to Me December 30, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, inventions, iPad, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the first transatlantic cable between James Buchanan and Queen Vickie. There might not be any truth to the rumor that it was a billet doux and part of their longstanding torrid love affair. (If that doesn’t set your mind to racing, you have your governor set far too low).

Such communication grew, thanks to transatlantic cables and across the US because of the railroads and telegraph wires going pretty close to everywhere. We’ve grown far more sophisticated with cellphones. Next month we will see if iPhone redoes its equipment to allow Verizon to be a carrier, which ought to expand the smartphone market even more.

But while editing a book online via googledocs yesterday my editor made the comment she was considering a more intricate communications scheme. She uses Skype ($30 or so a month for unlimited) and is considering putting it on an iPad. This gives usable screen space, unlike a smartphone, with quasi computer capabilities and all the benefits of cellphone communication coupled with iPad goodness. Has anyone tried this combo? Sounds like a winner with “off the shelf” components. No need to worry about iPhone capability or carrier crudiness. Skype is VOIP, so if you have a wifi connection you don’t even need to pay for the 3G. Or does that $30/mo cover all the telephone you can use? If you didn’t need to use it much to talk with people on landlines or not on Skype, the 3G connect might still be cheaper than a smartphone contract.

Score another one for technology. Score another one for iPad.

And a tip of the hat to John Lambert for putting me onto another nifty iPhone app–Story Tracker does what the name implies. Rather than keeping all that info tucked away in the gray matter, it can now go into silicon memory. I’m certainly giving it a try. You should, too, and report back to me on how it works.

Happy new year, if I don’t post tomorrow. But I probably will.


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