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Tron: Legacy December 14, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, iPad, movies, movies & TV, sci-fi, science fiction, steampunk, VIPub.

Saw a sneak preview of Tron last night, in 3D, yet.  It was over two hours worth of neon and Olivia Wilde.  But was it worth it?  Since I didn’t pay, money’s not the issue.  Did I regret missing a rerun of Castle (the Steampunk episode) for this?  It was worth it. And I can pick up the rerun on my iPad, anyway.

The movie has to revisit all the goshwow of the original 1982.  The fights with the glowing rings, the light cycle races and, for whatever reason my favorite sfx scenes, the light trains.  There’s something that appeals to me watching a huge train car moving along a ray of light.  Who knows why?

Did I mention Olivia Wilde was in this?  Sorry if I missed that.  And Bruce Boxleitner seems well served by time, though he has a minor role this time.  Cindy Morgan wasn’t in it that I saw but for the blonde factor Beau Garrett filled the role nicely.  I hardly recognized Martin Sheen as Castor/Zuse but he was pretty good–but he should have been over the top.  The role called for it and he wasn’t –quite– outrageous enough.  A very versatile actor (his roles in The Queen and Frost/Nixon are really fine).  And yes, Olivia Wilde is in this movie.  I envy whoever got to get her into and out of that costume.

Plot seemed identical to any WWII story of a partisan trying to escape the Nazis in occupied France.  Really.  Think of this when you see the movie.  There really isn’t much need of an sf element except as eye candy.  And you’ve got Olivia Wilde for that.  And Beau Garrett.

I didn’t see the need to put this into 3D, it is way too long by 30 min or so, Jeff Bridges was channeling The Big Lebowski and the rationale for all this was hazy to nonexistent.  But Cillian Murphy had a good bit role, this is visually pretty, Punk Daft did an ok job on the soundtrack, there’s some action (but not much–this is PG) and Olivia Wilde got to be beamed up.  All is good.

See Tron:Legacy for some mindless fun.

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1. Sandra Branum - December 18, 2010

Bob, Michael Sheen is in “Tron Legacy.” Do you think the extra money you would have paid (if you had paid) to see this is 3D would be worth it?

Sandra Branum

bobv451 - December 18, 2010

The movie looks as if it had been filmed in 2D and the 3D added as an afterthought. There isn’t any reason I see for paying 3D prices (when the opening credits have a disclaimer about most of the movie being in 2D, but keep your 3D glasses on anyway).

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