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The Whole Enchilada November 30, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, ideas, VIPub, web & computers, weird news, westerns.

Ah, the important topics of the day.  A guy in Las Cruces, NM is protesting the Guinness records people giving away the title of world’s largest enchilada to a Mexico City rival.  NMican says his 10.5 ft diameter flat enchilada is biggest and the one in Mexico is…gasp…rolled.  230 feet long but *rolled*.  The horror, the horror!  Rolled, not flat!

The “Book-nanza” project is rolling along.  Look for more on this in a week or so.  Definitely a VIPub project to get people interested in e-readers and e-books at a startlingly low price for a humongously big pile of electrons.

The last couple days have been spent working on my e-store and putting up some great stuff, including Scott S. Phillips’ strange, wonderful new novel Squirrel Eyes.

I wonder if there might be an enchilada eating contest, such as the one for hot dogs?  Eat one of those world-class sized ones and explode.  Not a pretty image, to say the least.

And I think I am bidding a farewell to posting on MySpace.  They changed their focus from social networking to indie entertainment, meaning garage bands, a month or so ago.  I saw that the site is up for sale or maybe merger.  When the interface changed, they took away all the tools I valued there most, so with this post I will begone.  Woe begone?  Anyway, not on MySpace any longer.  If you have been dropping in there, switch your pointers to Facebook or this blog.  Or both.  They’re free.

One last plug, but it’s for something free, too.  In February Jackson Lowry’s Sonora Noose is seeing the light of publishing day.  If you’d like to get to know the hero, Deputy Marshal Mason Barker, a bit before then, there is a short story Fifteen Dollars (free, free free!) showing off some of his character and setting the stage for the novel.

Words by Jackson Lowry, great cover by Mike Thomspon.

Did I mention it’s free?  It is.



1. Scott Phillips - November 30, 2010

Thanks for the plug, Bob!

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