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Can I Trademark The Sun? November 29, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in education, science, space, weird news.

Weird news is always fun to read, scratch your head over and maybe even laugh. This woman in Spain thinks all she needs to do is file a notarized statement claiming the sun and it’s hers. Sorry. You have to homestead it and then you only get the 160 acres you’ve proven. But even if she has a claim (and with today’s courts, she may well be given ownership), can I sue because her sun caused sunburn? If there is global warming, it’s caused by the sun. Could she turn down the thermostat a little? And if she won’t, can I get an injunction against her? Granted she is such a charitable person, only wanting 10% of the total user fees for herself. Even with 50% going to Spain that might not be enough to keep their banks from failing.

But if she owns it, can I trademark the name The Sun? I’ll grant her the right to use that name (and ancillary Sol, Our Mr Sun and anything else I can think up to describe that big gushy ball of gas up there in the sky) And if I can get a temporary restraining order keeping the sun at least 94million miles away, she can be in violation if it dips within that range, right? I’m not sure letting the sun race around like it does is a good idea. Pen it up. Put it on a leash. And many neighborhood homeowner associations require that it be painted once a year.

I leave you with this lovely NASA photo




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