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…Heroes For Gold November 26, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, iPad, movies, movies & TV, nostalgia, VIPub, writing.

More iPaddy stuff. Got some great channels set up on the Pandora Radio app. Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane were two early ones (and Ian & Sylvia, too) Strange synchronicity. Last night after gluttonously stuffing ourselves my son and I sat down for a movie. I’d been watching the James Bond marathon but he had a real knee slapper of a movie to see (him to rewatch).

A Serious Man. A Coen brothers movie. Not a lot of folks in it I’d seen before (Uncle Arthur was Samantha’s next door neighbor in Betwitched. But that was about it) But the movie starts out grinding the guy down and never stops. Very dark, very black comedy. I doubt it did well at the box office. In its way it’s like watching a suicide, only one preordained by God. And that’s probably exactly the way it was intended. But the synchronicity is the use of the JA songs in the movie. “Comin’ Back To Me” shows up several times.

Tweeted about the Kindle being on sale for $89. Old Kindle 2 3Gs. Hope you got into the queue for one, but at least you didn’t have to wait in the cold for a 3AM store to open. Talk of Wal-martians suing a Wal-Mart that advertised opening at midnight only to actually open at 4AM. Anyone getting up for a 4AM or 3AM or whatever store opening to scarf up “bargains” needs their head examined. Or priorities straightened out. Shop online, people. Amazon has free shipping. Don’t pay local sales taxes. Nut up and wait a couple days before getting the product in your sweaty lil hands.

Did I mention I don’t like Xmas? Sorry. I don’t.

But there’s no reason you shouldn’t like it because I’m going to gear up and offer some great “Book-nanza” prices on stuff in my store. (The name server problem is fixed–I think I may have lost a couple customers in the hassle–check back and see if you can d/l something for free if you’ve already signed up. Won’t cost anything and if you can’t get on, let me know so I can try to restore accounts.)

This may well be the year of the e-reader for Xmas. If you want fantasy, check out my store. If you want sf. Same place. Mysteries? We got ‘em. Make PayPal scream with your orders. It’s the American way. And you can even order stuff from overseas. Technology is wondrous. Welcome to the 21st Century.

And now back to delightful leftovers and getting a new project under way. Hope Turkey Day was a feast for you.



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