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November 21, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, movies, movies & TV, writing.

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like…

…a James Bond festival on TV.  I don’t know why.  It just is an alternative to football, maybe?  I just saw a long review revisiting Quantum of Solace which values it far more highly than I did.  Will give it another look, of course, since I’ve seen all the Bond movies multiple times, even the outright wretched ones.  Somehow, with this one, I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the evil plot being to, oh, I dunno, take over a water company.  Hardly the world-spanning menace of earlier movies.  Going along with this, the bad guy wasn’t all that bad, but according to the review this isn’t what the movie’s about–it’s a continuation of the truly good Casino Royale (and not the David Niven/Woody Allen one).

A quick surfing of ads on TV that usually appall me are now escalating to the level of stunning me.  Target will not open at 6am on Black Friday.  No, sir, you gotta be a wimp to wait *that* long to shop till you drop.  They are opening at *4am*.  In a perverse way I idly consider getting up, going to the nearest Target and seeing how many people just have to have 4am bargains.  But I value my sleep and sanity far too much for that.  I suspect most of the stores will be sold out of their only 2-in-stock sales items quickly enough.  Go online, gang.  No waiting, no need to get up at 4am unless you want to and then you can shop in your pjs.  (Without having to become a Wal-martian).

But Turkey Day approaches and the stores have pretty much elbowed it aside in favor of Xmas.  A pity.  But the TSA is upholding the traditional of cavity searching all the turkeys who think they can fly.

With all the holidays crowding out one another in the back half of the year, maybe we should come up with new ones for the holiday doldrums.  Granfalloon Day when we de-friend surplus Facebookers?  Don’t take your iPhone to work day?  In the springtime, a Tumbleweed Roll-de-oh?

Or right now, simply getting to work.  There’s a lot I want to do before starting the next book (not the least of which is rustling up everything for a soon-to-be-announced Book-nanza)



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