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But Wait, There’s More! November 19, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, fantasy, ideas, iPad, sci-fi, science fiction, VIPub, writing.

On several fronts, I am forging ahead. Finished the western, got eight more stories up at NookBN, have Swords of Raemllyn #7 (Blade of the Conqueror) ready to put up on iPad, Kindle and Nook, got a new synopsis for a western to be written and have 4 nifty ideas ready to pitch for a short story and…and…wait for it…but wait, there’s more!

Career Guide to Your Job In Hell is getting ever closer to publication. Badgering the contributors for last minute stuff now including their bios. The cover from Keith Rainville is a stunner. Check it out below. Needs some cover copy but otherwise this is what we’re going with. Of course. Because it is eye-catching and about perfect for the anthology with an introduction by Don Adams of Dozers fame, stories from Scott S Phillips, Brandie Tarvin, Scott Denning, Axel Howerton, John Jos Miller, Victor Milan, Nathan Long, the “other” Scott Phillips (of Ice Harvest and Cottonwood fame) and yhos with a grisly story “Avian Evisceration Device” about the necessity of cleaning up bird entrails from under wind turbines.

All that would be a good week’s work since finishing the NaNoWriMo 50k limit last Saturday but have been pushing onward with other things. The Omnibus 1 containing the first three Swords of Raemllyn books is now available at my online store. Omnibus 2 and Omnibus 3 will follow.

And around December 1 I will be putting together a package for $25 containing the first 6 Swords of Raemllyn books, plus bonus material (might be an entire novel!) from Mike Stackpole, Scott S Phillips and others. I’m working to see if I can’t include some material from the forthcoming Golden Reflections Plus, as they say, even more from authors to be announced. For $25 you will get one huge pile of great entertainment. Merry Christmas!

Now I have to get back to work.


Career Guide to Your Job in Hell



1. John Jos. Miller - November 20, 2010

That sounds like about a good month’s work. Sleep much?

2. bobv451 - November 20, 2010

That was a week’s work. The rest of the month wasn’t quite as productive (in the sense of coughing up phlegm) but was close–iow, a usual month.

Sleep? Lemme look that up in the dictionary.

Streaming Netflix is wonderful. I am watching Suspiria in segments–ought to finish tonight (I had never seen it).

3. John Jos. Miller - November 20, 2010

That’s on my list to see, too.

So many movies, so few hours.

I won’t get Streaming Netflix because my will is weak.

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