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More UFOs November 13, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in contest, nostalgia, UFOs, weird news.

They never stop, it seems. Here’s a new blue dot in the sky one in Virginia this time outside DC. It seems similar to the blue dot the guy in NYC video’d last week, so I’d say the two are related somehow.
Curiouser and curioser.

Back in the day you could have a good hoax and not be sent to jail for life because of it. Cannot remember the guy’s name but he was a PR flack. He took an elephant’s foot wastebasket and made tracks in the snow into a reservoir, then called to complain about tasting rhinoceros in his drinking water. A whole spate of complaints came in. Wonderful prank. Who knows what rhinoceros water would taste like? That made it all the more fun. And a prank like the 1835 one where (I think) Poe wrote that Herschel had discovered furry bat men on the Moon.

Nowadays we have to rely on global warming for such hijinx.

Nobody really knows how April’s Fools Day came about, but it has certainly degenerated from the days when, in grade school, the “your shoe’s untied” was all the rage. I suspect trying any kind of real prank now would constitute a hostile work environment and be good for hard time in Leavenworth. I have to admit not missing the pepper gum (whoever actually bit on that one, anyway? But who didn’t try it to see what it tasted like?) Or the joy buzzer. Yeah, I had one. But good pranks often go awry. I replaced the lock on my best friend Ed’s locker once at Irvin High. He couldn’t get it open. Let me try, I said, opened it easily using the real combination, closed it, he couldn’t get it open. Great fun. I opened it again, he grabbed the lock (my PE locker lock) and stormed off to complain. Had to race into the counselor’s office and steer him out (while maintaining the lock, which I needed) Counselor was probably glad to get rid of another problem without having to do anything. Today I’d have been sentenced to anger management, grief counseling and probably suspended for a week.

So how’s NaNoWriMo coming for you? I finished the book. Now to rewrite and get on to a short story or two.



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