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November 12, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, dinosaurs, ghost towns, gummint, ideas, movies, weird news.

Pressurized Cheez-whiz

Saw a preview of Skyline last night. Full house. Movie was a throwback to ‘50s bug movies with lots of, uh, homage, to Independence Day. And movies where big monsters stomp fleeing peasants. At least it wasn’t filmed shakycam like the execrable Cloverfield. But when the audience laughs during supposedly tense moments (the humans are fleeing, in slo-mo of course) because it looked completely ludicrous, you know you’ve got problems. The big “aaaaaw” moment came when one of the monsters stomped on a Ferrari. Well, for me that was the most horrific scene. The ending was perfectly logical and utterly silly. Call this a spoiler if you want. Close your eyes if you don’t want to read it. Here it comes: the monsters win. And the audience loses.

At least the people of LA found out what those blue lights in the sky were (even if the real life one was over NYC).

Big “reveal” for the day is that the state of NM is in twice as much fiscal trouble as was revealed, oh, 3 days ago. No surprise since they are still lowballing it by a factor of two. The people in charge know this and aren’t bringing it out all at once, for some reason. It is not better to do slow reveals. Overstate it once (which is hard when you’re looking at actual deficits of $1b in a nothing state like NM) but then if you come in better, you look good. But Gov Bill is not likely to do this since he’ll be lucky to get out of the country unindicted. An ambassadorship to Cuba is looking better all the time. Or maybe there was a reason the spaceport was named after him since this provides a quicker way out of NM?

Gee, Post Awful lost $8.5b last year. All because they got turned down for a 2 cent increase in first class mail. (Yeah, right).

Lots of competition out east between Tucumcari and Santa Rosa for the Route 66 Museum. This still doesn’t address the problems of small town NM in attracting $ and staying alive. This is hardly an end-destination attraction. People won’t come from China to a Rt 66 Museum unless it can somehow be tied into the Silk Road. Somehow I don’t think Samarkand and Santa Rosa will get mentioned in the same breath. How hard would it be for a town to put in a server farm and have, say, an annual digital art competition? How big would the prize have to be to attract worldwide attention?

Burned up the keyboard yesterday. NaNoWriMo came in at 6300.



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