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The Madness of Crowds November 11, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in contest, gummint, inventions, nostalgia, weird news, writing.

Still looking to the sky rather than playing with their Interocitor. Now there’s a red streak to join the dancing blue dot on the NYC skyline. Coincidence that this is a CBS camera crew in a helicopter, just as the one that caught the “missile” launch off the California coast? Or maybe this is just a manifestation of too many “fact or fraud” semi-reality shows?

Mass delusion and hysteria has always been a curious notion to me. Now that everyone has a video camera or at least a cell phone to capture these “delusions” it seems to add a new dimension to what’s up there, namely that there actually is something to see. (We won’t get into orbs right now) For the most part, I suspect this stuff is always there but why has it again become time to notice it all? I don’t have a good answer for that.

Back when my dad worked for the FAA, he would pass along a heads-up when the Army would shoot from Green River in Utah to White Sands. Always a great reentry. He had to let the state cops know in advance so the flood of UFO sightings could be put to rest. But he knew ahead of time about these launches, including one that exploded a barium warhead in the upper atmosphere. Some kind of solar reflection experiment. But he knew because lots of other people did, too.

Has secrecy (except in x-ray strip searches to keep us from smuggling too much toothpaste aboard airplanes) become so much a part of the gummint that they can’t even fess up to a test now? Not saying the red streak was any such thing but it seems as if a lot of other sightings could be dismissed with a simple “test and we know about it.”

Give this a look. Really nice pictures of a-bomb tests. Good reason to keep this secret but not after Hiroshima.

So how’s your NaNoWriMo coming along? I was a slacker and only got 2700 done. But today has been better so far and will end well, I am sure.



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