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Bimbo Buys Sara Lee November 10, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in gummint, inventions, sense of wonder, space, weird news.

Yes, it is true.  Sara Lee is being sold.  To Bimbo.  That’s the largest Mexican baker, Grupo Bimbo.  Silly headline, but it has some bearing for Albuq.  We’ve got a Sara Lee bakery here.  Nobody is sure if it will be closed after the Mexican takeover.

Michio Kaku had an interesting take on the missile contrail.  He said it was an airplane contrail of a plane going from Phoenix to Hawaii and that it looks the way it does because the CBS crew was shooting down on it.  I want to buy stock in any company that build a helicopter that can fly above a contrail at 37,000 ft.  John Pike makes a somewhat similar argument that it is an optical illusion.  He, however, like good astrologers and future prognosticators does not provide an actual source for the observed vapor.  By now every plane anywhere nearby ought to have been identified.  That they haven’t is a crime.  Just as is x-raying every pilot to make sure shampoo isn’t being smuggled aboard airplanes.  So we’re really worried about handing the keys to the plane over to a pilot who might be a terrorist?  Years back I asked about the radiation exposure for the TSA critters running the fluoroscope machines.  Nobody seemed to know.  Alas, the ones being taken out of the gene pool from radiation leakage are not the ones making the rules.

Most interesting news is the start of production for the White Knight and SpaceShip2 out in the Mojave.  Getting ready for a summer ‘11 launch from Spaceport America (I will never refer to it as Spaceport Lameduck NM Governor).  Why the actual construction is being done in CA and not here in NM is a poser.  Maybe because they won’t be doing more than 3 White Knights and 5 Spaceship2s?  Saw that Rutan is retiring next year, probably after the first flight.  Hope he gets a ride.  He more than Branson deserves to become an astronaut.  Or are they calling them something else?  We’ve got astronauts, cosmonauts, sinonauts so what would we call commercial non-gummint space travellers?

Yesterday was a slow day at work.  Only 3600 words done.  How’s your NaNoWrimo coming along?



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