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Hidden Worlds November 9, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, geocaching, gummint, ideas, movies & TV, weird news, writing.

One reason I enjoy geocaching is the notion that something unseen by most people can be found–my secret, the secret of those few who know how to find it.  The world is like this.  Things happen all around we are completely unaware of.  Mostly, it doesn’t matter (finding a geocache is on a par with finding a penny in a parking lot.  Oh, look, how lucky!).  But hidden things going on that might matter are interesting.

They might even be exciting.  Or a matter of life and death.

A few days ago a guy in NYC took a cell phone video of a bright blue light overhead.  Pretty interesting UFO.  Nobody knows what it was.  Airborne specks can look like they are making weird turns if you don’t know how far or how high they are.  I saw a light make a turn at somewhat better than 90deg once.  Took a while to figure out how the plane had to bank and climb to look like that, but it was explicable.

The video embedded below ought to be instantly explicable, too.  If not, heads at the Pentagon ought to roll.  Many of them.  And if they know what is going on, just say it was a test and blow it off.  Like Roswell and the Project Mogul balloon.  But the military has a bad track record of being honest or even being secretive successfully.  They prefer lying, and the lies are usually awful.  But this is what looks like an underwater missile launch.

Worst case is that a Chinese or Russian sub penetrated one of the most highly instrumented test ranges in the world undetected.  Less worse case is an Estes rocket really went trucking off a boat.  That’s bad since the boat was undetected.  Best case is that the Navy knows what this is all about and it is theirs.

One big fight in NM has been transparency in government.  Surprisingly, the mayor elected last year is actually making inroads.  The new governor probably won’t make available on webcam everything going on (with some obvious restrictions).  But public meetings should be available in archive and via webcam anywhere in the state.

But this missile?  If that’s what it was and what else could it be?  Either start court-martialing wholesale for dereliction of duty or outright treason or give a decent explanation.

Otherwise, I’ll start coming up with my own.  Can this be a warning flare from Atlantis?  Or would that be Lemuria?  Prepare for attack from Atlantis!  Spread the word.  The military is helpless in the face of these finned superbeings!

Got 5800 words done on NaNoWriMo yesterday.  How about you?





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