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Workin’ ‘n Groovin’ November 2, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in contest, conventions, iPad, westerns, writing.

World Fantasy Convention is my favorite con and not just for business reasons. I’ve attended a majority of them since 1978’s Ft Worth/Conan themed one. As such, I’ve come to know a lot of people there and enjoy talking to them. Sometimes the city is exciting. Calgary was one of those a couple yrs ago. Lovely city, great people there, fabulous views and even better food. Even poutine and Tim Horton’s donuts. Columbus this year surprised me with how good the food nearby was. The surroundings are not necessary, of course, but I have long since taken to exploring the city outside the tight little world of the con.

San Diego next year is going to be great. Look up my post on my zep ride earlier this year out in San Diego. More time to see more things there. Maybe even the lighthouse with the fog out. I am a lighthouse fan, btw.

But this yr’s WFC. I had a lot of fun showing off my iPad (and spent the entire Chicago-Abq leg of the flight showing off iPaddy to the woman next to me–she asked. Honest.) Covers coming and going on the screen is a great way to display what I’ve done without carrying a stack of cover flats (tho they can be autographed). The mass autographing was good but 3 hrs seems excessive.

I have to admit 80% of the panel participants were not known to me, 10% I knew by name only and the other 10% were friends. One panel that rather floored me was the Thorne Smith panel. He wrote lighthearted ‘30s humor pieces. The panel started with what a misogynist (by today’s standards) he was and it didn’t really matter since he was a drunk anyway. Not what I expected at all. Stackpole interviewing GoH Dennis McKiernan was a delight. This is a good format. Darrell Sweet’s talk on his art was fine and I had a chance to talk to him afterward (he is a SASS member and we compared notes since I’d been to the End of Trail SASS a few months ago).

Talking with agent and editors proved useful and I hope, profitable in the near future. More as things develop.

And how’s your NaNoWriMo coming along? Yesterday was a slow start for me–2400. Need to get into the swing of more words but this will be hard today. Have to meet with an artist friend, then go to doctor. Hate dr visits. BP shoots up, I am sure I am dying (which is why I don’t watch doctor shows – why yes, I have all the symptoms of kuru. And I’m not even an islander or zombie.)

Get to writing. I am!



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