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On Your Mark, Get Set, Write! November 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in contest, ideas, web & computers, writing.

Returning from a convention, especially one as business-oriented as World Fantasy Con, is a mixture of invigoration and enervation. I have a couple major big, really fun new projects to contemplate and get going on. But I always feel half dead from the travel, from staying up too late and getting up at too early hours (waaay bad for me travelling 2 time zones east) and, alas, from eating and drinking too much. I’d say 90% of all alcohol I consume is during this weekend.

Adding to this dichotomy of tired and excited is the need to finish a western by Nov 15. The upside is the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

Here’s a great slogan: “ Love Books? Write One!”

I am always writing but this month requires me to keep a steady pace of about 5k a day to stay even.

So, you folks out there, my students and not, blow the dust off your keyboard and get down to it. But be smart about it. Sit down first, think about what you’re going to do and find a project that will absorb you for an entire novel, then do a synopsis. Boring? I don’t think so, but you might. It’s not. If you have to be somewhere by a certain time it’s always nice to have a map. If you’re just out there driving aimlessly, well, good luck. I have destinations. The synopses are my road maps. I might take a longer route getting to the end but I always know what direction I’m going. You should, too, if you want to complete a book.

With synopsis done, get to the writing. Be practical about what you can do every day. Don’t explode out of the gate the first day and collapse the second. The turtle was right. Steady wins the race.

Get going (but be warned-0-the website is very slow). I’ll be there with you at the finish line–so we can both be winners.



1. Jodie Springer - November 1, 2010

You’re On! 🙂

2. Chuck Heintzelman - November 1, 2010

I’ve started. Got 1800 words today (was shooting for 2000, but oh well). I’ll get back to that “Cleopatra’s Medallion” after Nano is over.

And, believe it or not, I actually wrote a synopsis this time. 🙂

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