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Up (Outside) the Air October 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in cats, conventions, e-books, iPad, movies, robot rights, science, science fiction, sense of wonder, space, VIPub, writing.

Tom Swift and his Outpost in Space was one of my favorites in the series (I like giant robots, too). I wondered at the time why Tom didn’t build a Stanford torus but years later I figured that one out for myself. Better to have it at zero-g than try to balance shifting masses or play traffic cop for when crew left the rim and went to the center. Wobble wobble.

I found this with some of the oldie space station ideas. I still like the O’Neill colonies the best (obviously–I have done 2 short stories in a future universe where the sky is filled with them).
Burn the Sky On Wings of Plague. Also on the Kindle. And I am plotting out a new one, “Fade to Nova.”

I was less a fan of the Tom Swift, Boy Inventor (series5) Space Hotel since it read too much like a bad sf movie with air vents you can crawl through and some bogus dangers when real ones would have worked better. But orbiting stations are the in thing, with private companies talking about them and the Chinese with one going up any time now.

But I do like the idea of an inflatable space hotel, reportedly coming up in Q2, ‘11 (not to be confused with economy ruining QE2)

While this is all really up there in the air, I hope to be cruising along at 35,000 ft this time tomorrow on my way to World Fantasy Con in Columbus, with a plane change at Midway. May the weather cooperate since I have my iPaddy, tux and everything ready to go (almost–I need to get the cat out of my suitcase or he’s in for a long and harrowing weekend). [If the weather doesn’t cooperate, *I* may have a harrowing weekend ahead of me.]

Be back on the other side of the WFC. Feel free to browse my blog, my site, my store.



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