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Unindicted Pay for Play Spaceport October 24, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, food, iPad, steampunk, VIPub, weird news, writing.

More news tidbit catching up. It seems that Governor Bill has named Spaceport America after himself. He’s only got a few more months in office. I think I mentioned the scuttlebutt that relations with Cuba will be normalized after the election and Governor Bill will be appointed the new ambassador to Cuba. A way of getting him over there quick would be suborbital.

Richard Branson
did the honors and said he’d be among the first to go suborbital next year. Looking good for a summer launch. Ad astra!

But not too astra since the sun is belching right now. Sunspot activity is picking up after a long quiet stretch. Does not bode well for peaceful weather.

Kinda excited. Just sold another steampunk romance, “Her Faith Is Fixt.” And the brand spanking new anthology Steampunk’d is due out on November 2. Buy it. Enjoy it. Got a story in it titled “The Transmogrification Ray.”

I am having dreams of whetstones. What does this mean? If it had been of Wheatstone bridges I might think it was the steampunk influence.

Lots and lots of stuff will be ready for the Nook in a day or two.

Stuff on Kindle including the just released this very day mystery Resonance of Blood<

The cornucopia never ends, but, alas, I foolishly bought Halloween candy 6 weeks ago and it is long gone. Costco is already gearing up for Valentine’s Day, I think, Thanksgiving and Xmas already past (well, not really–I exaggerate, but not by much. This year I might buy *2* fruitcakes at Costco. Wonder if they freeze? If so, I can indulge for months to come, even if I haven’t dropped the weight gained from gorging on last year’s Xmas goodies.)

Off to World Fantasy Convention in a few days. Will try to keep stuff flowing. Lots of great add-ons for the iPaddy that Mike Stackpole sent along. Will touch on some of them tomorrow. And lots of new tablets, too.



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