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Bits and Pieces and Lights in the Sky October 22, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in cats, Chain story, e-books, movies & TV, VIPub, weird news, writing.

UFO sightings tend to go in cycles. Sometimes none for a long time (post 9/11 saw a minimum, it seems) but now they are picking up again. One over China.; One over NYC in broad daylight. And one caught very nicely on video in El Paso. Terri, my stalwart correspondent in El Paso, says it was a nighttime drop of a crack parachute team. Not sure if it was for a show, but it would seem not or the word would have gone out. This might be something like our past idiot mayor tried with a string of intensely bright lights along Sandia Crest’s ridgeline to advertise the city’s tricentennial. Mostly it stirred up things then with the lying TV and news media saying they knew nothing about it and then was ignored during the actual celebration. I think. I don’t really remember much of the celebration. Nor does anyone else, but I bet a lot of politicians’ bank accounts were feathered nicely.

But there are other news items that make me struggle to figure out the reasoning. A guy up in northern NM was just sentenced to 8 yrs for killing his dog. The dog bit somebody so he decided to kill it. He tried to cut its throat with a knife but couldn’t do it (I think it was a pit bull so the musculature might have been pretty heavy). He said he wanted to shoot the dog but since he was a convicted felon couldn’t own a gun, so he used a chainsaw. The thought processes going on here defeat me–but I wish he’d gotten more than 8 years, which is more than most murderers of humans get in this state. This guy is so dangerously whacked out he ought to be up the river for ever.

The lack of depth in news reporting these days is fascinating to observe. Water conservation limits were smashed–proof we are wasting water. But the water main not a mile from my house broke, spewed thousands if not millions of gallons of water and dug a 15′ deep hole (this while I was in Ruidoso–water to house was shut off for 2 days and my son said he had to give the cats bottled water. They now insist on Evian…) The break went on for hours and hours until they could turn off the feeder (this is under a major–the major–intersection in the area). No mention of how this break might have affected the overage was reported.

New story at the Chain Story Project.

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Not only have I finished the rewrite on God of War 2, my first three titles are posted on the new Barnes & Noble Nook e-book site. To Demons Bound, Moonlight in the Meg and Hammer & Fangs.

Find your nook, snuggle into a cranny and read one of them!



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