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Freewheelin’ Brain October 11, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, food, geocaching, westerns, writing.

Took my time getting out of town on Thursday, fed cats, gassed up car, went to post awful, then hit the road. Getting to Ruidoso for the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium was possible by any of 3 routes. Rather than go down I-25 to Socorro and across the Chupadera to Carrizozo and thence to the mts, I chose a more meandering route thru Corona and Willard. Passing Willard I got to see the mesa festooned with AEDs (Avian Evisceration Devices). The wind farm dumps all but about 25% of its generated power into the ground because the grid can’t handle it, but the sight is impressive, windmills outlined against the sky, slowly turning toothpicks. On the road (but heading into Abq) I saw 3 massive semis loaded with what looked like one windmill blade each. No idea where they were going since all the wind farms are in the other direction.

Thought a bunch on the steamy steam punk story, listened to a lot of good music my son had burned to CDs for me and finally made it into town around 1:30. Went directly to Ruidoso Downs to get my ID. Found the place, no problem. Got the badge, no problem. Looked at the Hall of Fame room where I’m giving my talk tomorrow, no problem. Ate a late lunch at a good bakery/cafe and, depending on how early I’m up, hit it again for breakfast. (And I did–this was the Cornerstone Café and Bakery)

Then I went geocaching. I’d d/l’d a lot of caches to my GPS before leaving Abq. First one, I feared, might set the stage for the rest. The coordinates looked as if they were fifteen ft down a 60 degree incline. The writeup said be sure to hang onto the tree. Gave up on it. Knees and sanity prevailed. Found a virtual cache at the Hubbard Museum. And there was another right across the road at the Billy the Kid Museum, but I had failed to bring the printout. It might have been a micro cache but not in any of the usual locations. Two failures, one success.

Headed for the condo. Went into a cemetery and found a cache. (Hardly any digging and the zombie in the grave was easily quelled with plenty of spadework). Found another cache in a wall. Suggested tweezers–another of those tightly wrapped logs almost impossible to get out of the tube. I triumphed using a key. Started for another one but I refuse to ignore No Trespassing signs so bagged that.

So, score for day, 3 finds, 3 misses. Not sure I’ll have time to look for others, and besides, it’s starting to rain. Late in the afternoon, the condo is gorgeous, haven’t decided what I’m doing for dinner yet–the late lunch is sticking with me–so can play it by ear for a while. Got more TV sets around than I can shake a remote at.

And besides, looking out into a wooded area is a deer finding itself some dinner. Time to sit back and relax, watch and think about thinking about things.

Had dinner with Don and Gloria Bullis. Praise be, Don has just been appointed the official NM Centennial Historian. Quite an honor and well deserved.

Willard Wind Farm



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