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Add the Ad? October 5, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, iPad, VIPub, westerns, writing.

In my never ending search for things ebookish, I have come across the PubIt! from B&N. Part of the FAQ says the posted book cannot have links to an external site (oops, no directing to the author’s website) or ads (no plugging other work you’ve done) or any of the other stuff about objectionable material and so on. I’d say if it passes Apple’s odd morality, it would have to with B&N. But no ads? No calls to the ramparts? Not even a link to other books posted with B&N?

What about added material such as a “why I wrote this story?” Doesn’t look like it. No bio, either. Even in a print mag you get some snippet about the story or author. In an anthology, you definitely get an “about the author” and this always includes an author’s website link. The idea is obvious. Like this story, look for more.

The Ziggy cartoon in today’s paper by Tom Wilson and Tom Wilson II probably holds the reason. B&N is afraid of spam generated off the links. But wouldn’t this be up to the author to worry about? Or is there something else? They don’t want to advertise something out of their control? I suppose I am too mercenary. B&N gets money from the sale. Take the money and run, guys. You’ve got some fierce competition from the Kindle and Apple iGadgets. RIM Blackberry is getting into the market. A lot of others, too. (I have not seen any buzz about the Pandigital Novel, alas, and that had looked like a nice gadget but latest review is not good. Score another point: Kindle. Or Sony E-Reader. Will B&N do some kind of package with their Nook? Buy a Nook and get $100 of e-books?

I will be off in a couple days to Ruidoso for the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium but will try to set up one of those autoposting blogs, which I have had little luck with.

To work, perchance to dream (and write).



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