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Analysis Paralysis October 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, fantasy, gummint, ideas, iPad, writing.

Got to justify the time I’m watching Dexter: Season One (which is only 1 ep shy of being completed). Granted, I am doing this in time I would usually be asleep, which is making me kinda woozy, but I am doubly justifying the time on the iPaddy by flopping in bed. The cough I had a couple weeks ago hasn’t really left, so…I’m relaxing. Yeah, right.

Why does Dexter work for me? The basic notion of a vigilante has been done before, notably in Brian Garfield’s books and the Charles Bronson Death Wish movies. In fact, when you get right down to it, the vigilante going after the bad guys who always deserve it is pretty much the same, except one is an architect who has lost his family to a home invasion and the other is a serial killer shaped by a foster father after rescuing the 3-yr-old from the scene of a horrific mass killing.

We never really get into the head of Paul Kersey but certainly due in Dexter Morgan. Which is interesting because Dexter claims to be devoid of emotions and hollow inside. Worth noting is that Kersey went from feeling to non-feeling and Dexter is going in the opposite direction. Kersey lost his family and Dexter is finding his. Does this make us root for him to stop being a serial killer and be “average”? I suspect that’s part of the appeal. And, of course, like all vigilante themes, this is something of a wish fulfillment on the reader/viewers’ part. We ought to have gone beyond the “there oughta be a law” thinking (because there is–there’s a law against everything) but this is the extreme of carrying out the law because the gummint won’t.

A wonderful clash of themes.

More on this later, but now it’s time to actually work. Bad, iPaddy, bad. Steals time. Word Processor, good. Lets me make money to keep the cats in food.



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