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Another Reason to Hate iPaddy October 2, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in ideas, iPad, movies & TV, steampunk, westerns, writing.

Discovering that I could watch ABC shows on the iPad was bad enough (I can pick up No Ordinary Family should I decide to keep watching (it’s opposite) NCIS and I suspect this is either ultimate or penultimate year for it. But the real time stealer came when I realized my son had a Netflix subscription and I could access stuff directly on the iPad.

Been moving along at a sprightly pace on the work. Tomorrow will be finished with the Sonora Noose page proofs. About 25% of the way into the new western. And I think, after standing under the shower long enough, I have the kernel of an idea on the steamy steampunk story and will proceed to doing a synopsis. Got the outline for my talk on Friday/Saturday done and need now to work on my Karl Lassiter website to accommodate added/bonus info.

So things are progressing…and Netflix. iPaddy. Last night decided to pick up some of the shows everyone talks about but which I haven’t been able to see. Saw the pilot ep on Weeds. A good one and these are half hr shows, so they can be squeezed in. Good. Not much time siphoned from the cosmic all. But I also checked out the pilot on Dexter. Had missed the reruns on network TV (can’t remember why). Weird premise. How can you make a serial killer sympathetic? Pilot ep did a good job. And,uh, so did the second. They got right into the battle pitting him against another serial killer. Sort of like watching Big Time wrestling where there are two bad guys. You have to root for one of them. And I am working on figuring out why I don’t despise Dexter. And the third, well, let’s say I didn’t get much sleep last night. Gotta work this in somewhere, you know?

And the movies. The incredible spectrum of movies. I could veg out for months. But I will reward myself with tidbits here and there. Morsels as a reward for accomplishing serious work. But there’s that fourth ep of Dexter (and 5 more seasons after the first!) And movies. Any Jack Lemmon movies I haven’t seen in a while? Or maybe Ringo Starr in the ‘74 Son of Dracula? Or…uh, I have to go to the post office to mail stuff off, then get back to work. (But maybe a teeny peek at…)



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