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Balance October 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in ideas, iPad, steampunk, VIPub, westerns, writing.

Or maybe that ought to be balancing act. I’ve got a lot of chainsaws up in the air for juggling but yesterday is a precursor for the next couple weeks, I fear.

Working through the page proofs on Sonora Noose. Putting in a couple hours a day on this and am 5 chapters into it. Off to do another couple hours when I post this. But I also got 10 pages written in a new western. Trying to do a chapter a day for this one due Nov 15. Reason I’m pushing hard on this at the moment is the promise of getting back the ms on God of War 2 for rewrite any time now. That one is on a really tight publication schedule, so…

Took time off last night to watch Bones and CSI (and ok, I admit it, I also watched Mentalist. At least Simon Baker is expanding his acting range from smiling to frowning.) While those were playing, I did my laundry and used the iPad to sketch out my talk for next week’s speaking gig at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium. I also have to get Ollie Reed an intro.

The ms editing gig just developed a glitch. Was sent an email asking where a couple mss were–never received them. So it is going to take some searching/emailing to figure this out.

Starting to think about a new project set for sometime in mid 2011.

And Jean Rabe wrote asking for a quick blurb on a new steampunk story for an anthology on a very tight schedule–like at the end of this month tight. I have slowly gone through several potential ideas and discarded them. Elements are wonderful in each but the overall stories don’t click. I think I have one I can work with. The title of this anthology is “Hot and Steamy.” Steampunk Romance. My idea revolves around restrained Victorian sensibilities with a few gears and grommets thrown in. Maybe a zeppelin, though that would be a reach. Must think on this some more.

First Friday meeting today but have to bag it to have lunch with a friend.

From all this I have only one thought: I got my laundry done. Now it’s time to get back to page proofing.



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