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The Time Are A’Changin’ for a Revolution Now September 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, education, ideas, inventions, iPad, movies & TV, VIPub.

The speaker on Saturday (Vic Bruno of the Rio Grande Foundation) pointed out that the changes in the economy are fundamental. I’ve long said we are in the same kind of change as when Gutenberg invented the printing press. The Internet is at the heart of it. Bolt Beranek started it, Berniers-Lee launched it.

For 40 years, because of the Internet, we have been slipping away from being a manufacturing society to an information one (just as the steam engine moved us from agricultural to manufacturing). This is causing great upheavals throughout society because manufacturing jobs are vanishing and will never return just as VIPub will cause huge changes in the way we get our entertainment.

I’m not sold on the vook since reading uses a different set of neurons than simply watching (reading ought to be an active pursuit and movies a passive–I sincerely believe the writer delivers 75% and the reader the remaining 25%. This interaction is unknown and unknowable to the writer but is what makes reading fiction so enjoyable. A story or character resonates because the author sketched it out–but you, the reader, completed it. Delightfully so in ways no one else can share.) But we are at the very periphery of what is possible and what can be delivered. Experimenting will give us a far wider range of choices, thanks to the iPad, the iPhone and other portable e-devices.

We are dancing on the cutting edge right now and a lot has gone wrong because of social inertia. Begging to bring back those manufacturing jobs isn’t going to work if the jobs can be done cheaper and safer by robots. It’s always cheaper labor and when the robots can do it cheaper than the starving Thai peasant, the starving Thai peasant is going to be crying, “bring the jobs back!”

A lot is being made of a higher education bubble and how college isn’t necessary anymore. The waste-time majors, maybe, but any major that prepares the student for change is going to be front and center. (I don’t see that in education, btw)

This is a scary time. It is also a time of immense opportunity. All we need to do is look for it and seize it.

So why are you sitting here and not buying my Hammer & Fangs on Kindle or my store?

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