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Foggy, Foggy Do it September 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, education, ideas, inventions, iPad, movies, web & computers.

I try to convince myself I’m not merely scrambling to justify buying a toy.  My iPaddy has already proven useful in a way I had never considered when I bought it.  Truthfully, the iPad purchase was mostly for ebook reading since my rheumy eyes don’t work as well on iPhone size screen.  But working on God of War 2 proved far easier with the YouTube video segment showing beside my monitor while I worked (thanks xcalizorz for such a fine play-through!).  A lot of territory was cut out of the game itself for the book, so hunting and viewing select sections proved useful to know what exactly *had* been cut out.

That others find uses for the iPad is no surprise.  I am not big on lawyers but this transcends being able to find new reasons to sue people.

From what I can tell, this lawyer is able to d/l a lot of pdf files using the GoodReader app and have a virtual library at hand.  Search on the spot is an added benefit.  This, of course, need not be limited to lawyers and their skid-marked briefs.  What kind of scientific power can be unleashed this way?

Years ago when I worked at Sandia National Laboratories, the scientific journals had a dose of technology killing them off.  The Xerox machine allowed the library to order a mere fraction of copies they used to.  One copy would be put in the archives but a handful of others would be circulated and the scientists could (quite illegally but this was inside a high security area, so prove it) Xerox the articles they needed and pass along the copy to others rather than asking for an entire copy of the journal themselves.  Today the techno-transformation must be almost complete.

Paper be damned.  You can get everything onto an iPad.  (Of course, this is undoubtedly devastating the copy machine market–sauce for the goose…)  I saw a pen for $130 that translates handwriting to digital file (“only” a 3 gig capacity!)  For scientific work, couple this with an iPad.  You don’t even need a dry erase board anymore.  I don’t know if there is an app for this, but there probably will be.  There’s an app for about everything.

What’s even cooler, the promise of tablet competition from Android-based units is that open source might gobble up Apple’s rather parochial approval of apps.  And how long before there’ll be an illicit app to translate non-Apple apps for the iPad?  Or is there already?

Just a glimpse of ways to work in the future…the future of, oh, months from now.



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