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The Need To Slip The Shackles September 12, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in Chain story, conventions, e-books, fantasy, iPad, VIPub, westerns, writing.

Every now and then I need to escape from my computer and get out into the real world. Or as real as it can be populated with Lady Gaga and her ilk. Getting out to the Centennial Tom Swift Convention was a great break. I enjoyed it and thought my presentation there went well, even if I didn’t have PowerPoint or other visual aids (why do I always cringe at the term “visual aids”? Because “marital aids” is so similar?)

A few weeks later I crept out to Bubonicon and enjoyed it more than ever. Maybe because I had become such a recluse working on God of War 2. That was gobbling up my time something fierce, and is now approaching completion, stage 1 and will be sent off by this coming Wednesday’s due date. But there’s a ton of work to piled up even after this is sent on its merry electronic way with new iPad and Kindle postings, short stories I’ve promised for the Chain Story Project which has a couple new entries, btw. Jean Rabe and Steve Sullivan are doing another Blue Kingdoms collection I’d like to be part of but don’t know if I can yet (because I promised a story to a Phil Farmer appreciation anthology and want to do another Space Islands story).

Then there are 2 more westerns to get started, plus a “Jackson Lowry”short I want to post on that site prior to the release of Sonora Noose. But I have another chance to slip free of my computerized bonds and meet a different group of people. Through the good graces of Ollie Reed and the WWA I’ll be one of 5 writers talking at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium. Melody Groves, Don Bullis, John Duncklee and one other designated writer to be named for later draft will also be there. A stellar crew. Spur winner, a guy who knows more about NM law enforcement than about anyone, the president of the Southwest Writers and rodeo queen. A great group. We’ll be overshadowed by Larry Gatlin and the rodeo and other things cowboyish but this is a great opportunity to…escape.

Writers ought to …escape…now and then to take a break from the words marching across the screen and deadlines. At least I do.



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