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Invasion USA…Again September 2, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in death, gummint, ideas, movies, writing.

Anyone remember that Chuck Norris movie? Loved the scene of Christmas decorations in a Miami (or at least FL) shopping mall and the mayhem that ensued as Chuck pounded the damn Russkies. But the crowned king of the invasion movies (we’re not talking outer space alien invasions here) has to be Red Dawn. (Factoid: Scott Phillips plays a couple bit roles in the movie)

You know the basic plot. Russkies invade the US with the aid of their Cuban comrades. The movie was filmed up north of here around Las Vegas (NM), and has always been something of a guilty pleasure of mine, even before I knew Scott was in it. Truth is, I’ve never found Scott though he has mentioned the scenes.

Something about the zeitgeist has reignited the idea. Homefront, a video game, written by John Milieus who wrote and directed Red Dawn, has the Norks coming after us after consuming the Sorks and Japan. Got to wonder where the Chinese come into the picture, if they do. Maybe the all starved to death after buying our debt and we defaulted, thus bankrupting them, too. I don’t know.

And there is a remake of Red Dawn due out in a month or so.

But the Aussies have caught the fever with Tomorrow: When the War Began. The trailer doesn’t have the same snap that Red Dawn has, but then we’re 25 years into our decline and guerrilla war isn’t what it was then.

What is it about today that makes the theme workable again? It would seem that a better idea might be a loose confederacy of Mexican drug cartels takes over the Southwestern states and maybe California. They’ve got the money, they’ve got the firepower. But who knows what is in production, either filmwise or computer gamewise?

More of Pari Noskin Taichert’s PR seminar tomorrow.



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