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VIPub at Bubonicon September 1, 2010

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Saturday saw a quick seminar with Pari Noskin Taichert talking on ways to promote and advertise and me holding form on e-publishing. The differences between POD and e-books was addressed but having only 20 min (each), everything was highly condensed. If you’ve read my blog for very long, and if not for shame!, then you know what I had to say about e-publishing.

Here’s what Pari had to say about getting your work noticed. She’s a former (for 20 years) PR media type who found true love writing mysteries. Go figure. Who’d give that up (or being a physicist) to just, you know, write? 😉

Two elements are necessary to keep in your PR cross hairs:
1) consistency. You need a single simple message and to keep at it. Call it branding or simply presenting the same face to the public, you can’t be all over the place. I see this as something of a problem since I do westerns as well as f & sf. Mysteries, too. Concentrating on just one would be best. Multiple contact is needed to reinforce your presence, your very existence. A single isn’t going to work. There has to be a lot of them, all saying the same thing: look at me, I have something you really really want. (I put in a discount code in the Bubonicon 42 Program Book–distribution, over 600. Response. Zero. Luckily it cost me nothing but I know this type of ad isn’t working. I have more hope for the e-mail addresses gathered at the Golden Reflections panel).

2) use the 2 or 3 promotional techniques you like most. If you like to go to the mat getting newspaper coverage, do it. Or TV. Or radio. There’s podcasting. Social networking like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs. Second Life. Website. (You really need a website. If you can’t handle that, hire it out.) You own online store. Book trailers. Ads. Autographings. Book tours. Promo items like bookmarks and posters, maybe author trading cards to autograph for the e-book readers. Newsgroups like Bryant Street. Con appearances. Speeches to various public groups. Writers groups and co-ops like BookView Café. Newsletters. Book reviews. Skywriting. The Chain Story Project. Who knows what else?

You can’t do them all. You wouldn’t want to. So choose what you can keep up with. There’s nothing worse than getting going and then finding that it’s a terrible drag, a drain on your psychic energy you need to write.

Most of all, find the balance you need between the writing and producing of product and promoting it. VIPub, gang, VIPub.

More of what Pari had to say in a later blog.



1. Leonard - September 2, 2010

My problem is just finding the appraoaches that work! You almost have to do most of those things initially to find out at which you’re good enough to concentrate your efforts.

2. Katie Michaels - September 15, 2010

I really enjoyed that panel topic. You and Pati both had a lot of useful information to share.

I know in this post you discuss mostly Pati’s marketing angle from the panel, but this article I read today makes me really think about the e-publishing side that you discussed:


I hadn’t seen that approach to thinking about books before and thought you might find it interesting.

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