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And a Bottle of Vintage Chupacabra August 28, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, fantasy, movies & TV, sci-fi, science fiction, writing.

The first day of Bubonicon 42 is history, and a good one it is, too. I did many of the usual things I do. Bought an original Harry O. Morris in the art show. Ignored what was in the goodie bag (but you shouldn’t–there’s a discount at my online store mentioned). Talked till I was almost hoarse, which is bad because I have a panel about Golden Reflections and then the e-book seminar to do, followed by the mass (hysteria) autographing.

Dinner was well attended and fun. Scott Denning a couple years back had taken me to El Sabor de Juarez. Definitely not your usual Taco Bell (the ambiance is about the same, maybe better since it’s not plastic, and the food is light years beyond TB). Gordon Garb, Scott Phillips, Jim Young and Trina, my son, Craig Butler and Megan chowed down. I believe the consensus was positive. For me, again, it certainly was.

The one panel I hit was one Scott and Craig were on about writing original screen plays. Somehow it drifted more to writing for TV than movies but was still fun and I think I actually came away with some insight into how to pace scripts/movies and why some movies fail. Melinda Snodgrass moderated, Ian Tregallis was on the end and GoH Peter David was one funny guy. In the Follywood biz, I suppose, you either laugh or get a flamethrower and toast the lot of ‘em. Luckily, he didn’t have a flamethrower.

Gordon had found a winery in NoCal that bottled a wine with a Chupacabra label. I am now tossed on the horns of a dilemma. Drink it or let it age in the bottle until the blood coagulates. I might save it for a special occassion. Like, oh, Thursday. Or maybe Wednesday or Friday. All special occasions.

Back to a hotel that is torn up from the ground upward. No onsite restaurant, which is no loss, but they put vending machines into the lobby and took away all the chairs. That’s a loss. No place to sit and talk that’s not in a meeting room. 80% of the parking lot is torn up. Parking is in a dirt lot and it looks like rain today. The panels and seminar and maybe lunch at a place Andy Kuhn told Scott Phillips about–Grandma’s K&I.



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