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No Milk Today August 17, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in dinosaurs, education, inventions, nostalgia.

OK, I admit it. I like Herman’s Hermits. Did then, still do. No idea why. Peter Noone was kinda goofy but always cheerful. Maybe that was why. Even a song like “No Milk Today” didn’t come out as wrist-cutting, gun to head trigger pulling, suicidal. The song was on the radio as I was channel hopping at a red light and it got me to thinking about how only a very few would understand the song or the title.

No Milk Today? Back in the day, and I remember this from the ‘50s, milk and other dairy stuff was delivered to your door. There was an aluminum cooler about the size of a couple half gallons of milk on the doorstep. You left prepaid coupons, the milkman left, well, milk. And eggs and cheese. I don’t remember ever having ice cream left since the insulation wasn’t that good in the box. So the song is about Herman’s gf (ok, back then, wife) leaving him and him not needing that extras milk and the neighbors would see and what a scandal that would be. Times have changed.

Every year Beloit College publishes its Mindset survey.
This is a look at what incoming college frosh know and don’t know, what was never known and what’s been shoved down the memory hole. I gotta wonder about the #31, though. The first computer they touched was an Apple ][? I’d gotten rid of my ][e 10 yrs prior to this class of ‘14 being born. My son’s always had a laptop around, not to mention Internet. And I guess I was napping when #48 came along. Someone got married in space? What about the honeymoon? In space, too? #50 is weird, too. Toothpaste tubes stand on their caps? I have obviously missed the great advance in science of the 21st century.

What I did not miss is wonderful innovation like this. Hospital wall paint that kills staph bacteria. Using CN filled with a natural antibiotic. Wow. We may be #11 in the world and sinking fast when it comes to math and science, but now and then something stands out.

“Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Luvly Daughter”



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