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Lick Spittle August 16, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, movies, science fiction, writing.

Science marches on. Intrepid researchers have found why spit polymer-containing fluids, such as spit, form beads when stretched.

A question for our time. This might lead to better inkjets. Yawn. If ever a technology begged for extinction, inkjet is it. The only service it seems to have performed is shining the light on how to make laser fabricators.

But the other day I saw in the newspaper a truly innovative design. Metal that heals itself. Tiny bubbles of liquid metal are suspended in the hardened metal structure. Drill a hole (bullet, bit, whatever) and the bubbles break and repair the hole. I love this kind of thinking. Self-repairing metal a la Terminator 2.

I missed the Perseids the other night because, whoda thunk it, clouds covered the sky. It is raining. Now as I write. Then as I tried to watch. We are still only up to about 5.5″ for the year and a quarter inch under normal, whatever that is since we’ve been in a drought for a decade now, but being cooler is nice. High supposed to be almost 87.

I follow very few comics (Lio being my favorite) but now and again Non Sequitur hits it out of the park (when his characters aren’t mutilating the language with their Maine-iac accents). This is one of ‘em. Which reminds me. I have to get back to work.



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