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Revelations of iPaddy August 4, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, ideas, iPad, nostalgia, sci-fi, sense of wonder.

In the midst of all my adventures with tree removal, I’ve been taking time out from sleeping to read stuff on the iPad.  I seriously need an excuse to read these days, alas, and iPaddy provides it.  (I just discovered the little switch on the side that freezes the display in either landscape or portrait…slid it by accident, I did, when I got excited over Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope.)

That particular TS title was in a Better Little book, illustrated and very interesting from a technical standpoint.  Tom invents a “rubber” telescope mirror.  He uses the mysterious X metal from a meteorite to create bendable glass.  Amazing how this predates adaptive optics.

Way to go, Tom.  Even better, he talks about meteorites coming from Mars and makes a case why.  (And what’s the first thing he sees in his great new rubber glass telescope?  Why, the cities on Mars!  I hope John Carter waved to him–that wasn’t mentioned.)

But compared to the first Tom Corbett book, Stand By for Mars, Tom Swift’s got it nailed.  Even with atmosphere plants, poor Tom and the rest of the Polaris crew struggle across the burning desert of Mars to get to a canal.  The temperature out there in the desert soared to 150 deg and apparently Deimos is the only satellite visible, and it illuminates the ground much like our moon does.  I still liked the book for its nostalgia value and have pushed on to Danger In Space!

But these days, some lawyer would have sued the Polaris crew for attempting to salvage the derelict passenger ship, then crashing it on Mars.

Lots more free/cheap e-books on deck.

And a question.  Do you e-book readers prefer an extra line between paragraphs or is the usual print method of equi-spacing to your liking?



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