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Beetlebaum Using an iPad in a Nudist Colony to Research Billy the Kid August 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in cats, e-books, ideas, inventions, iPad, movies, movies & TV, sci-fi, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

OK, I lied over on my website. I am trying this as a title. Those words and phrases are the big search items.

But I do want to throw in how utterly wonderful I think the iPad is. The people at the local store may be closer to Apple Idiots than Apple Geniuses but the product is superb. I went so far as to install wifi in the house to use it all over the place. When I find the cats running their paws over the screen, I’ll know how really useful this device can be. Cat porn. *shudder*

In the “It had To Come” category. The universal translator has been a staple of sf long before Star Trek, though that seems to be the area where most journalists first discovered the concept. It seems our universal speechifier is closer to becoming a reality. Now, can they program this to translate rap lyrics? Or is that too alien. Will I need one to explore caves in Australia since the tour guides speak Klingon?

I wanted to mention a new project of good buddy Scott Phillips. If you love old, goofy movies as much as I do (and anywhere near as much as Scott), check out Cheese Magnet. Stuff about wretched movies but Scott is too much a gentleman to plug his own book, Unsafe on Any Screen, so I will.

Available on Kindle, in print and even on the iPad. I told you that was a wonderful gadget.

Speaking of crappy movies, saw one last night that managed to fail on so many levels it is hardly worth mentioning. Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit For some reason it got 4* on imdb. Go figure. But it had Joanne Kelly from Warehouse 13 in it, so I watched. OK, kinda watched. I was playing with my iPad. Horrible acting, a plot ripped from any of a dozen other better movies and destined to raise the question: why? Why waste time and effort when you can make a truly awful movie you will remember rather than a forgettably bad one?

Some things man was not meant to know.



1. Scott Phillips - August 3, 2010

Thanks for the plug(s), Bob! Don’t forget, if we sell 3000 copies of the Kindle edition of Unsafe by the end of August, I will fight Don Adams in a televised brawl!

bobv451 - August 4, 2010

As a masked Bobo? In mud? Wrestling? Fight Clubbers want to know! Was that August of this year? To the first blood? To a submission doesn’t count–Don would give up right away simply seeing your ferocity. So, the question to ask is: Is your Film Fu stronger than Don’s? And televised? On YouTube or ESPN?

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