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Non-noticeability July 29, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, iPad, science fiction, web & computers.

This is a concept Wilson “Bob” Tucker wrote about in some novel whose name I forget.  Talk about non-remembering.  Yesterday I went tot he iPad seminar at the Apple Store.  I’ve mentioned how I don’t seem to be their target audience and have trouble even being noticed.  I asked about where the 5pm seminar was going to be, the guy said it’d start late, then looked past me to a kid behind.  I asked where and he ignored me so I stepped around to block the view.  It took the Apple genius a second to realize I wanted more information and that he had stopped delivering.  Almost made me pine for my new best friend Steve in India.

Said they’d rope off a section of the main store.  OK, I can live with that.  They had wifi so I played a bit with the iPad.  Mike Stackpole put me onto a lot of freebie apps. Looked around, nothing started.  Did some more greasy finger across the screen dragging.  Asked Apple genius again, managed to drag him away from his iPad.  Sort of shrugged and said soon, sorry, I’ll let you know.  So I went back to playing.  5:15 I notice a tight knot of people on stools.  Went and sure enough, this was the iPad intro.  I was about 5 min late so had to wait for the girl to start on something more than whatever she’d launched with.  Got to the entry of names into the contact book.  It didn’t work the way she said.  I asked.  She ignored me.  I asked louder.  Then a lot louder.  I had identified myself as One Of Those.  No problem, she said.  Only there was.  I’d frozen the screen.  Rebooted, did exactly as she said and froze the screen again.  She was not happy and hastily moved on, ignoring this and me.  I need to figure out how to enter the contact info but no hurry.

Not having any more stools, I had to stand.  For me this was a problem after a few minutes.  Knees and especially my back start to hurt and I’d foolishly worn leather-soled shoes.  But I got through it all.  Not sure I learned anything (I am sure those first 5 min or so contained all the real info–and the genius guy at the door will let me know the seminar is starting at any instant.  Any instant now.)  But it was free and you get what you pay for.  So far, I am unimpressed with the staff at the Apple Store, which so many people wax elegant about with their panegyrics.  Which is yet another reason I mail ordered the iPad (fun watching FedEx carry it from its humble origins where it was made by Chinese coolies to Hong Kong to Juneau to Memphis and finally to here, where it has found a home).

Prior I had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond to look at the Pandigital Novel.  Seems BBB is the only place in town carrying them.  I’d never been in the store before and had foolishly thought it was, I dunno, a bit more upscale.  This is like a 3 story main room Wal-mart, only not as efficient or classy. Huge sign (and I mean huge) saying they had the Novel.  Turns out they didn’t.  Sold the last one.  The only one?  But the Cottonwood store has a couple.  Cottonwood is across the river (altho not through the woods).  Not likely.  I’ll wait to see if any more show up at Best Buy or Costco.

I assume you saw that amazon now has a $139 wifi only Kindle.

Am about half way through Andre Norton’s Time Traders.  Been forever since I read the book, so I d/l’d it.  Easy reading experience.  Do y’all prefer a spare line between paragraphs in e-books?

Nuff of being non-noticeable.  Must polish off the keys and get to work.



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