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I Am Beginning To Hate My iPaddy July 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, geocaching, gummint, inventions, iPad, movies, sci-fi, science fiction, web & computers, writing.

I am spending far too much time playing with it, that’s why.  Apps!  Galore.  What to choose.  Look, Weather Cahnnel app and Maps and other GPSy stuff.  And the iBooks app.  I’ve got 5 freebies lined up already.  Been forever since I read The Insidious FuManchu.  And Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope.  And, this sounds so lame but the iPaddy is making me do this, I had to see what it was like d/ling one of my own books.

It was too easy.  Too damn easy!  I could spend like the gummint (except I have to pay–my son’s already in hock big time to the gummint’s spendthrift policies) but I can’t print money.  The iPad makes me think about retiring so I can read all those books.  Only…

The Dragon Naturally Speaking app.  I can dictate.  I can take notes.  And I haven’t even tried out the physical keyboard/dock I got.  That’ll be another day at McD’s or Flying Star.  My teeth are floating from drinking and surfing.

I was looking at the stock market app but didn’t load it.  I wanted to check something else out.  Then I need to play with d/ling videos or movies.  WFC is coming up with very long flights and layovers (at Midway, yet).  A few select movies would be nice.  Before I try that, though, I have to put in wifi on my home computer.  The d/l time is horrendous and I would explode at Flying Star (they have very strong iced tea–very powerful diuretic)

The physical demands placed on me by iPaddy!

Yes, I am definitely beginning to hate it.  I have Sonora Noose copyedits, I have God of War 2, I have student mss, I need to do some work on “Fade To Nova” and, yeah, I need to do my laundry.  But I can let that go.  For a few more days and sneak some time with iPaddy.  And the dictation software?  Might be possible to start on “Fade.”  And sleep?  Who needs it?  Hate the iPad.  Totally.

Any suggestions for other apps?



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