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Fade to Nova July 25, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, ideas, inventions, sci-fi, science fiction, space, VIPub, weird news.

That’s the working title for another short story about space debris I’m sketching out.  But I saw this and realized how much junk might be lofted intentionally, no matter stuff falls off the Shuttle or the ISS or launch vehicles.  These teeny comsats might make it damned dangerous to get from the Earth to LEO or beyond.

But think about owning your very own comsat.  Or the WFC or Worldcon or ComicCon.  Talk about single item programming.  An sf con channel.  Any convention able to uplink could give streaming video of the proceedings.  Podcasts?  Go full video.  I bet if the price was right you could fill up a tiny comsat 24/7.

I spent a couple hours with the director and production people doing a short adaptation of my short story “Blood Lilies” and the director was talking about buying some local air time and broadcasting it.  Like on the NBC affiliate, that fills up a lot of its spare time with PSAs and paid advertisements.  “But wait, there’s more!”  Yup, “Blood Lilies” might end up following a Vegematic ad.  Cool idea.

The authorgraphing yesterday went well.  Thanks to all of you who attended in spite of the many inches downpour that washed away half of Abq.  It is truly our monsoon season.  Yesterday.



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