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Zeppelins and Sofas July 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, geocaching, nostalgia, writing.

There is a behavioral finance expert (yes, there are experts in *everything*) named Dan Ariely who wrote in a recent Money magazine article “So if you’re deciding between a sofa and a vacation, go for the vacation. You’ll quickly get used tot he sofa, but the vacation will bring long-lasting memories.” As it happens I am in serious need of a new sofa. My 20+ year old one is weeping interior components onto the floor. But I kept thinking about Ariely’s dictum. Zeppelin or sofa. I decided on the zeppelin, even if this means I am sitting on the floor when I have Alzheimer’s and can’t remember which way the sky is.

Airships have always fascinated me and luck was with me the entire vacation in San Diego. I alluded to this yesterday. More elaboration now. I bundled the car rental and hotel room on Orbitz. Hertz said they’d give me a discount on an upgrade (I had rented an Accent or something teeny). I have been fascinated with GPS for a while. Sure, they could get me that for a few bucks more a day. Let’s do it–but wait, those aren’t on Accents. But that discount. Howabout a Mercedes? Well, garsh, sure, since it was less than the GPS. We’ll get you a convertible, Connie the Hertz rep said. Aw, wait, it’s rented. Howabout a Cadillac? Not on a bet. Keep your Government Motors car. Well, there is another Mercedes but it’s a sedan and…what she thought was a deal killer…it doesn’t have XM Radio. Not intending to listen. Let’s go with that flashy black C300. For less than I spend on gasoline in a regular month, I got a Mercedes C300 with GPS.

And further luck. Got aloft in the zep, 55 min into the hour flight they announce they have to return because of a storm moving in over the mts. How’s that lucky? This was the last flt of the day because of the weather and they were going to Long Beach the next day. I did see them in the air late on Friday, so they returned to pick up those who were cancelled the day before. The way they tried to make it seem a little bit special was “Most people don’t get to see the docking procedure.” I’d trade that for another 5 minutes in the air but seeing how they pumped in water as ballast as people got off one by one was an interesting procedure. And seeing the docking tower, too.

But Zeppelins vs sofas. I can sit on the floor as I remember my day as an aeronaut.



1. kimberlywarner - July 23, 2010

Whoa – slick ride you’ve got there! (Am I talking about the Zepp or Mercedes?) Jealous! (The Zepp or course.) 🙂

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