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Aeronaut, Steampunk Style July 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, e-books, ideas, inventions, movies & TV, sense of wonder, steampunk, VIPub, writing.

I am just back from San Diego and the Tom Swift convention. But first I took some time to arrange for a trip in a zeppelin. My steampunkiness got the better of me, I admit. Gordon Garb had mentioned this outfit last year at Bubonicon, but when I was in San Jose (AirShipIndustries is hq’d at Moffatt Field) I had no time to look into it.

As luck would have it, the zep heads either north or south once a year and the times meshed properly for a trip. San Diego July 15-18, with some of those days taken up by advertising trips. I sneaked in for a 1:10PM trip today. Since I found my camera, pictures will be taken and posted.

Robur the Conqueror is a fun movie but wouldn’t be anywhere as much fun f it weren’t for the airship. I imagined myself as Robur, high above the earth, looking down on the peasants as I strike terror in the hearts of landlubber tyrants. There were no concluding scenes in Hindenberg or any other bad Michael York movie. More like I want this to be the way it was in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, even if we don’t dock at the Empire State Building. But the flight was cut short because of approaching storm–luck was with me, though, since I got the flight and everyone else the rest of the day did not. And the zep was in Long Beach the next day, though it did show up in the skies later Friday.

Mostly I got to know what it’s like so I can properly put the sensations into stories dealing with zeps. The next short story in my Collider series is set aboard an ocean-spanning zeppelin. Know whereof you write.

I’ve been in a blimp, a hot air balloon, a glider and now can add zeppelin to the list. Can a triplane be far behind? Eat your heart out, Red Baron!



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